Séminaire du 21 novembre

Mardi 21 novembre, nous recevrons à Évry Victor Dyseryn qui nous présentera ses travaux sur la cryptographie post-quantique. Le séminaire aura lieu en salle E304.

Victor Dyseryn - Balancing security and efficiency in post-quantum cryptography

The post-quantum transition has already begun; how is it possible to switch seamlessly to quantum resistant cryptography? Intuitively, post-quantum algorithms must resist to a much powerful attacker and this should lead to a drastic increase in communication costs and computing time. We will present how the efficiency of post-quantum cryptography has gradually improved over time at the cost of somewhat weaker security guarantees. We will then explore ways to strenghen those guarantees while keeping the overhead at a minimum.

Bio : Victor Dyseryn is a PhD student in post-quantum cryptography in the XLIM laboratory at the University of Limoges, France. His research focuses on encryption and signature primitives based on error-correcting codes. He obtained his master's degree in 2020 from Ecole Polytechnique and Mines ParisTech.